From 200 kilogram metal drums down to 3 gram 'one-shot' plastic syringes and tubes, Araldite adhesives are distributed and delivered in packaging designed to optimise the processes of the supply chain and assist the user application.

The right product in the right pack

Developments in modern plastic packaging, especially with the use of syringes, have helped to improve the accuracy and spread of application while the range of sizes available has been informed by customer experience and feedback.

So bulk users are available to buy in economic quantities, while SME businesses, specialists and developers can find the right products in a range of packs appropriate to the volumes required and the task to be completed.

The Araldite 2000+ range is an example of this approach, where product performance is complemented by innovative packaging.

Covering a wide range of industrial applications

The range recognises the breadth of industrial applications covering a broad range of handling and cure times, together with the diversity of substrates to be joined.

Products in the Araldite 2000+ range also cater for the specific requirements including heat and chemical resistance. Packaging varies from cartridge to working pack format best suited to the application and there is a choice of manual, electric or pneumatic cartridge guns also available.

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