Adhesives have been used very successfully for years in many very demanding industries like aerospace, automotive, wind energy, sport and leisure, railways, construction and medical.

Helping to innovate and improve manufacturing

Our industrial adhesives form extremely strong and durable bonds with plastics, metals, glass, rubber and many other materials. Designers across industries increasingly find that bonding with Huntsman adhesives provides the answer to production problems created by new materials, new uses of existing materials, innovative techniques and manufacturing methods.

Better than mechanical fixings

Just about every industrial item produced is composed of components which have to be assembled together. Mechanical fasteners such as screws, rivets or spot welds are frequently used.

However, engineers now often choose to use adhesive bonding. This assembly technique is well proven and capable of replacing or supplementing mechanical fastening methods leading to a number of measurable improvements in product performance, operating costs an the end user experience.

Benefits include:

  • Outstanding lap shear strength and peel strength
  • Reduced component and/or assembly costs
  • Improved product performance and durability
  • Greater design freedom
  • Less finishing operations.


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