• Latest epoxy, polyurethane, methacrylate and phenolic technologies for high-performance bonding applications
  • Packaging includes easy-to-use cartridges and working packs, also hobbocks and drums for higher volume applications
  • The Araldite® adhesives range for railway will continuously be updated to meet the demands of innovative design

The Araldite industrial adhesives range for railway contains a selection of bonding solutions for all segments of the rail industry, from high speed trains, mainline and regional trains to metro, suburban, freight trains and the infrastructure around them.

Bonding solutions for passenger rolling stock, freight transport and rail infrastructure

Driven by increasing demand for mobility, energy consumption efficiency and concerns over climate change, a high priority is placed in Europe on developing rail as a key transport mode by promoting step-change innovations. In this context, high performance adhesives play an even greater role, providing well established solutions as well as more advanced and innovative developments for all kinds of bonding applications in railway industry.

Araldite bonding solutions result in reduced maintenance costs, increased design freedoms and the development of lightweight railway vehicles structures for better energy efficiency and aesthetics. As a result of our extensive experience working in the aerospace industry, the Araldite industrial adhesives for railway go beyond improving mechanical properties with the addition of new features such as flame retardancy, low smoke density and low toxic emissions.

DIN 6702-1 standard requirements for the rail industry

Huntsman Advanced Materials’ testing laboratories in Basel are accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 for synthetic materials testing and quantity temperature calibration. This accreditation also ensures that in-house testing methods conform to the DIN 6702-1 standard requirements for the rail industry.

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