Araldite adhesives portfolio offers solutions to the industry from concept until repair and restoration twenty years down the line.

Success from excellence

Where innovation, performance and results go hand-in-hand, Araldite is the ideal solution for construction adhesive projects. We have been providing high quality adhesives solutions to the construction industry for more than sixty years.

The Araldite adhesives range encompasses the needs at the site by maximizing productivity as well as producing a superior product. Our expertise in the field has come through rigorous testing of our formulations coupled with a keen understanding of the consumer needs of today and insight for tomorrow.

Why choose Araldite for your project?

  • Uncompromising mechanical strength
  • Stress application in minutes
  • High adhesion between substrates
  • Compatible with metal, composites, plastics, concrete
  • High chemical and water resistance
  • Low temperature, fast curing systems
  • For repair and restoration.
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