The adhesive serving worldwide manufacturing industry for more than half a century


Huntsman has developed an extensive range of adhesives to provide solutions to the great majority of design issues engineers face on a daily basis.

Superior bonding solutions for plastics, metals and composite materials

Compared to mechanical joining, adhesive bonding allows the assembly of dissimilar substrates and higher weight loads to be carried while offering more uniform stress distribution across the entire bonded joint and superior fatigue resistance.

Adhesives facilitate the integrity and strength of materials as there are no holes, rivets or fastening elements to weaken the structure. Without any visible joining elements, nothing detracts from the aesthetics of the finished parts and greater lightweight design flexibility can be achieved.

Additionally, adhesives offer the potential to reduce costs in parts production through streamlined assembly processes and hence faster cycle times. Therefore adhesives have become essential in manufacturing exterior and interior parts in order to deliver superior performance, durability, and aesthetic.

A wide range of industrial adhesives for assembly operations

From adhesives with long open times for large area applications to fast-curing adhesives for early removal from fixtures and rapid through-put, this range includes adhesives which are resistant to high temperature, water and chemicals. Liquid adhesives as well as thixotropic adhesives for gap-filling or vertical applications can be found in this range.

Adhesives with highest strength can be selected from this range as well as tough and impact-resistant adhesives with a well-balanced combination of strength and flexibility and also elastic adhesives to cope with different thermal expansions when bonding larger structures of dissimilar materials.




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