• Self extinguishing, gap filling, medium open time, high strength
  • Flammability class: UL 94 V-0 (4,5 mm), NF 16-101/102 I2F2, PrCEN/TS 45545-2
  • Good impregnation properties, good resistance to temperatures

Based on decades of expertise in product development, we provide a wide range of solutions that answer the most stringent requirements for electronics applications.

  • High temperature and chemical resistance
  • Flame-retardancy (UL94 V0/HB listing, Railway NF16/101-102 and EN/TS 45545 qualifications)
  • Excellent mechanical and dielectric properties
  • Superior impregnation properties
  • Very low ionic contents
  • Multi substrate compatibility
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Environmentally responsible products.

A comprehensive range of epoxy and polyurethane encapsulants

Huntsman offers a range of epoxy and polyurethane encapsulant chemistries that provide customers with the best solution. Araldite industrial adhesives can be found in almost all markets that require electronic assemblies:

  • Automotive electronics
  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial electronics
  • Medical imagery
  • LED lighting
  • Defense and aerospace electronics.

Araldite adhesives for electronics

Araldite F 305 A/B Low viscosity, high strength
Araldite 2028-1 Transparent, UV Stable
Araldite 2052-1 Temperature resistant, toughened
Araldite 2014-1 Resistant to temperature, KIWA approved / contact with drinking water
Araldite 2033 Flame retardant, long pot life
Araldite F 330 with hardener lacquer Resistant to high temperature, toughened adhesive


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