• Weight reduction
  • High resistance to fatigue
  • No substrate holes or damage
  • High toughness and peel resistance

Araldite industrial adhesives offer an increasingly popular solution for high-end bonding applications in sectors such as transport, railways, high performance cars, the marine industry and sport where both good aesthetics and cost-efficiency are of prime concern.

Why Araldite for composite bonding?

Whether it’s our epoxy, polyurethane or methacrylate technology it is all a matter of performance – the range delivers high strength bonding or CFRP or GRE and CRFP/GRE to metals and on SMC, GRP, composites with thermoplastic matrices and combinations of all these.

Characteristics of Araldite industrial adhesives for composite bonding applications

  • Weight reduction
  • Reduced stress concentration across the joint
  • High resistance to fatigue
  • Easy to work with either manually or automatically
  • No substrate holes or damage
  • Sealed joints
  • Compensation of dimensional tolerances
  • Low temperature cure
  • High toughness and peel resistance.

Easy to work with

Available in a range of packs designed to facilitate both manual and in-process applications, Araldite industrial adhesives offer alternative formulations that provide:-

  • Long open times for large area applications or
  • Fast curing adhesives for early removal of fixtures and rapid throughput
  • Thixotropic products for gap-filling or vertical applications
  • Resistance to adverse processing environments such as chemical exposure and temperature extremes.
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