• Shell bonding
  • Repair and sealing
  • Binding


Huntsman manufactures and markets a range of specialist adhesives for the Wind sector which is recommended for use in the production, maintenance and repair processes.

Increasing productivity in the drive to reduce cycle times and cut costs

Araldite epoxy technologies deliver the characteristics of long pot life, fast strength build-up and high lap shear strength that wind industry applications demand, typically:-

  • Shell bonding
  • Repair and sealing
  • Binding.


Araldite adhesives offer faster strength build-up and a resilient bond that produces high performance

What's more, Araldite two-component structural adhesives offer improved linear shrinkage and higher fracture resistance, together with the ability to optimise adhesive application on very large surface areas.

Low exothermic properties also enhance performance through low shrinkage and lessening of residual stress in the finished joint.

Manufacturers and operators in the Wind industry using Araldite industrial adhesives can, therefore, look forward to consistent high standards of performance, reduced downtime and higher productivity.

Araldite adhesives for Wind Energy

Araldite AV 4076-1 / Hardener HV 5309-1 Toughened
Resistant to weathering
For root joint steel insert bonding
Araldite 2015 For bonding of lightning conductor, monitor sensors
Ideal for dissimilar substrates
Germanischer Lloyd (GL) certified
Araldite 2014-1 Bonding tip, control shaft components
High temperature and weathering resistance
Ideal for metals
Araldite 2021 Very fast setting
Tough adhesive for rapid fixing and filling of small voids
Araldite 2022 Medium open time and fast curing
Tough adhesive for field/workshop operations
Araldite 2029-1 Medium open time
Filling holes
High flexibility and strength


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