The Araldite adhesives range for aerospace raises performance in production, maintenance and repair.

Huntsman offers a wide range of bonding solutions under the Araldite®, Epibond® and Urelane® brandings which aerospace design engineers use in production, maintenance and repair applications.

Epoxy and Polyurethane bonding technologies that meet aircraft manufacturers' specifications

Our products are developed for and approved by aircraft manufacturers to meet their demanding specifications. They are used at every stage of the life cycle from OEM design to parts manufacture in large civil aircraft, helicopters, regional jets and general aviation on applications such as:-

  • Panel bonding and forming
  • Edge-fill and close-out
  • Inset potting and panel reinforcement
  • Laminating and repair.

Araldite adhesives provide innovative solutions in the aerospace sector

Many of the epoxies and polyurethanes are flame retardant and exhibit the low-flame, smoke and toxicity characteristics required to comply with the regulations governing large civil aircraft.

Offering superior joining and bonding performance on plastics, metals, composites and other substrates, Huntsman industrial adhesives in the Araldite®, Epibond® and Urelane® ranges also offer manufacturing process improvements and significant reductions in weight over other methods.

In addition manufacturers can specify characteristics such as high fatigue-, chemical-, temperature- and creep-resistance; mechanical properties varying from rigid to flexible and excellent long-term durability.

Aerospace & Defense

Huntsman Advanced Materials is a leading global supplier of advanced, high performance materials for the fabrication and repair of aircraft components.

For more than 70 years, leading aerospace companies have turned to Huntsman Advanced Materials for innovations in: composites, tooling, syntactics, adhesives, laminating and repair systems.

Industry Requirements

Our products have been developed to meet the increasingly high standards set by the aerospace industry to comply with new engineering and economic requirements, as well as federal regulations that govern materials used in aircraft interiors. These products are extensively qualified to meet aircraft manufacturers' specifications.



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